Marjorie Haynes RMT

Hello, I am Marjorie Haynes and I am a healer in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Welcome to the Open Door Healing Arts Web Site. 

I have been in private practice since 1990 and this web site is in response to an inner call to help people heal and also to help potential healers learn the Art of Healing.

My main messages are:

- Allow yourself to launch out into the unknown
- Let go of why you started
- Be willing to TRUST LIFE to mold and shape you into more than you ever imagine.

I am offering this web site as a message of LOVE, filled with seed thoughts that may open a new perspective to a new slant on an old way.

Please do not take to heart the methods or reasons as absolute how’s and whys. Just trust where the seed thoughts may lead you, like a parable. I hope you may allow yourself to enjoy a new path that has the potential to give you some REAL PEACE in a troublesome time.


In 1987 Marjorie Haynes experienced the Harmonic Convergence in a powerful way. In one moment, she changed her career from a professional singer and composer to medical sciences. While taking pre-med studies to become a registered massage therapist, she met a healer from Denmark named Gurli Ohm Hernu, who accepted Marjorie as an apprentice for many years.

While studying physical anatomy, Marjorie also learned of the form behind form in the energy realms. Her work fills a niche between medical science and spiritual healing, where both hold equal importance to facilitate health.

In 1997, Marjorie established the Open Door Healing Arts Centre in Vancouver, BC. Over the years, people from all over the world have passed through the “Open Door” to receive healing and inspiration.

Marjorie is responding to an inner call to reach out and share a perspective of life to help people feel good about being alive in this amazing time of change.



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